Our mission at REYN is foundational functional skin health: skin that is nourished at the cellular level, and actually improves over time, which is possible with functional skincare.

Functional skincare is grounded in understanding that our skin isn’t a problem that needs to be solved, but rather a delicate and vibrant system that thrives from having its foundational needs met at every stage of life. 

How do you build a strong foundation? By starting at the base. ⁠

The human body is nothing short of incredible. We make our own collagen, ceramides, vitamins, and antioxidants. These biological processes are hundreds of thousands of years old, and evolution is slow. The natural regenerative powers inherent to the human body start to decline as we age.⁠

⁠We created REYN to kickstart your body’s natural healing and regeneration powers. Base Serum is packed with ingredients your skin recognizes: bio-mimicking marula and squalane oils, barrier-healing ceramides, and peptides spark nearly a 2x boost of reparative collagen production.⁠

REYN’s intelligent delivery method promotes functional skin health by right-sizing the molecular compounds in each active formula, then delivering them to the exact layer of your skin where they will be most effective at restoring a healthy biome, clearing inflammation, kickstarting collagen production, and boosting cellular regeneration. ⁠

⁠Not only do you see immediate results in the form of improved radiance and tone, but each use actually contributes to long-term benefits that functionally boost your skin’s overall health. Stronger, more resilient skin will continue to improve and protect you for years to come.

Functional skincare is about repairing the entire ecosystem of your skin from the top down. These foundational changes can dramatically improve your skin months and years down the line. Healing formulas and simplified routines help support skin of all ages, types, and tones to reach homeostasis and thrive.⁠

⁠⁠The result? Vibrant, healthy, and resilient skin at every stage in your life’s journey.

⁠It’s skincare with a vision for the future – that’s functional beauty. ⁠

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