The skin’s number one job is protection. It protects your organs, shields you from UV rays, and prevents infection and bacteria from wreaking havoc on your body. The skin barrier is the tough yet sensitive outer layer of the skin. It defends your body against a constant onslaught of environmental threats while also protecting your body’s delicate water balance.

Over time, your skin barrier can become impaired. Things like environmental stressors and over-exfoliation can break down the structure of your skin barrier, which can crumble like a house of cards if it’s not reinforced quickly. A healthy skin barrier holds on to moisture, which helps to hydrate dry skin while also fortifying your skin barrier to make it more resilient.⁠

⁠In addition to drinking plenty of water and wearing SPF every day, you can reinforce your skin barrier’s defenses with skincare products that help replenish and retain your skin’s natural moisture. Ceramides, glycerin, and powerful antioxidant-rich polyphenols rush to the front lines of your skin barrier to help heal the cracks on the surface of your skin. A strong skin barrier is your best defense against dryness, dullness, and irritation. ⁠

Caring for your skin barrier creates a trickle-down effect that helps repair and protects the deeper layers of your skin, which leads to smooth, healthy, and more resilient skin overall. Keep your skin barrier healthy with these tips:⁠

⁠💦 Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Avoid rubbing, scrubbing, or harsh, drying ingredients that could interfere with the integrity of your skin barrier.⁠

⁠💦 Stay hydrated on the inside and out by drinking plenty of water and incorporating humectants (like hyaluronic acid) into your routine, which actually increases the moisture content of the skin.⁠

⁠💦 Less is more. Don’t overdo it with physical or chemical exfoliation.⁠

⁠💦 Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of a damaged skin barrier. Protect your skin from the sun by wearing SPF 30 or higher every day.⁠

⁠💦 Support your skin’s inherent repairing functions with peptides, antioxidants, and ceramides.⁠

⁠💦 Lock in moisture with a facial oil. After hydrating with a humectant, seal in that hydration with a facial oil. This helps your skin to retain that moisture and prevent the humectants from drying out on the surface of your skin before they have a chance to penetrate into the deeper layers.⁠

A healthy skin barrier takes in the nutrients it needs while keeping pathogens and bacteria out. An unhealthy skin barrier essentially opens the floodgates and lets everything in – good or bad. That chaos manifests outwardly as dry, inflamed skin that’s crying out for the time and nutrients it needs to repair itself.⁠

⁠Base Serum contains plant-based active compounds designed to promote cellular repair. Our intelligent delivery system transports therapeutic doses of science-backed actives to the right spots deep in your skin.⁠ Cannabinoids soothe redness, while biomimicking marula and squalene oils and barrier-healing ceramides reinforce and strengthen the skin barrier.⁠


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