REYN is completely vertically integrated. What does that mean?

We work directly with wild foragers in Alaska and micro farmers to harvest the purest and most potent botanicals available each season. The raw ingredients are then bottled and traditionally fermented at the source, preventing the loss of potency in transit.⁠

⁠Once these ingredients arrive at our lab, we utilize a unique low temperature, pressurized extraction method to optimize the full potential of each botanical. We work with our team bioscientist and formulator to combine these extracts with plant-based active compounds like ceramides, peptides, and hyaluronic acids to create completely bespoke and proprietary formulations.⁠

⁠We bottle and ship our products from a women-owned fulfillment center, which is located next to our lab. This helps keep our costs low and reduces emissions from shipping.⁠

We know exactly where our ingredients come from and what constitutes an active dose. We touch every aspect of our supply chain directly to uphold the highest standards of sourcing, formulation, and sustainability.⁠

A foundational tenet at Mother Superior, a venture and social purpose foundry under which REYN was founded, is that all systems are by design, and therefore subject to redesign. REYN sought to rethink the way skincare products are sourced, crafted, and bottled from the ground up.

At every stage, REYN is designed for a higher purpose – just like you.

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