There’s been a boom of personalized skincare brands within the last few years, with brands touting the expertise of dermatologists, skin experts, and AI technology to identify your skin type and goals.

Following a virtual assessment, these brands provide a personalized skincare routine made specifically for your skin, lifestyle, environment, and skin concerns. With the way technology is advancing, it seems like personalized skincare is the future. Or is it? 

Today’s personalized skincare brands operate under the assumption that everyone’s skin is different. But what if that assumption is wrong? 

The problem with personalized skincare is that it is designed to address skin conditions as unique problems to be solved when it’s actually more universal than that. At REYN, we focus our research, testing and formulations to solve for foundational skin health - to bring skin into homeostasis rather than triaging what’s happening on the surface.

REYN is reinventing the concept of personalized skincare with this in mind because we believe that simply treating symptoms doesn’t lead to healthy skin. Our formulas facilitate the bio-personalization of the plant-based active ingredients by carrying ingredients to the exact layer of your skin where they’ll be most effective. This is made possible through our patented Intelligent Delivery System that facilitates functional healing at the cellular level, where the body can maximize its own regenerative powers.

Think of it like this: a blend of active ingredients are wrapped up in a microscopic package that can only be unwrapped once it reaches its final destination within the dermis. These molecular compounds sense the environment that uniquely exists with your body and activates only where they can do the most good for your skin. Personalization doesn’t come from the ingredients or the routine, but rather the technology that adapts to your unique biology. 

The result? Healthy, thriving skin for every skin type and tone, and at every stage of life’s journey.

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