Nature is our greatest source of health-providing nutrients, which is why Base Serum contains 100% plant-origin ingredients that are safe for all skin tones, types, and life stages.

After sourcing the season’s freshest botanicals, we distill each ingredient down to its purest and most potent essence for maximum efficacy. The plant magic inn every REYN product isn’t magic at all — it’s science optimized by technology and transformed by the human body.

Our intelligent delivery leverages molecular science to layer powerful plant-based ingredients for maximum skin absorption. Formulated without water, emulsifiers, or stabilizers, the active ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of the skin where they’ll be most effective.

Cannabinoids soothe redness on the surface of the skin, while biomimicking marula and squalene oils and barrier-healing ceramides reinforce and strengthen the skin barrier from the inside out.⁠

REYN sources ingredients known to be safe for and loved by even the most sensitive skin. Our products are intentionally formulated with only hormone-safe ingredients and avoid all known allergens, additive fragrance and dyes.

So yes, it’s not magic, but it is divine.
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