The first step in your skincare routine doesn’t have anything to do with a product.

Before you reach for your serum, take a moment to stop and listen to your skin.

What is the current state of your skin? And what is your skin trying to tell you?

Your skin state is different from your skin type, which is determined by how much oil your skin produces. Your skin state is how your skin actually appears at that very moment. The skin is ever-evolving, and it can shift drastically due to season changes, stress, medication, and dozens of other factors.

Knowing your skin type is important to understand and identify your skin’s baseline, but your skin can (and should!) change on a day-to-day basis. It communicates with you and delivers messages through the different tones and textures.

Do you have larger, more visible pores? Do you see any new areas of discoloration? Has a new pimple sprouted overnight? Can you feel any dry, rough patches on your face? Is your skin red and sensitive to the touch?

These are all ways that your skin is trying to communicate with you. Your skin is telling you everything you need to know, but do you trust your skin’s messages?

When you trust your skin, you can provide it with the support it needs to thrive as soon as it asks for it. You can learn to accept and appreciate your skin in every state, because there is so much beauty in this inherent brilliance that lies within each of us. When you trust your skin, you stop comparing it to what you see on other people and in marketing because you know it doesn’t understand the concept of “glazed donut” skin.

Every pore has a purpose.

When we let our own ideas of how our skin should look impact how we treat our skin, we’re standing in the way of our skin and its vast generational knowledge. Learning to trust your skin is a lifelong pursuit — but what better time to start than now?

Listen to your skin. Trust what it’s trying to tell you. By building a better relationship with your skin, you’re helping your skin to function at its highest level. Stronger, more resilient skin will continue to improve and protect you for years to come.
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