Bio-adaptive skincare comes from the idea that everyone’s skin is different, and has different needs. Our skin is also constantly changing — what worked on your skin when you were 15 doesn’t necessarily work as well in your 30s.

Bio-adaptive skincare is developed to adapt to whatever your biological skincare needs are at that moment in time, which can change day-to-day or month-to-month. It goes deeper into your skin to the layer that is responsible for making new skin cells, providing beneficial ingredients to make their job easier.

Skincare products don’t make healthy skin — your body makes healthy skin. Products, when formulated correctly, can help your body produce healthy cells and bolster the skin barrier, preventing moisture from escaping while keeping irritants, pollution, and other allergens out.

REYN Base Serum is bio-adaptive, which means it works a little differently on each person’s skin, depending on your individual skin’s needs at that time. For people with oily skin, it will help to balance sebum production. For people with dry skin, it will help to hydrate and soothe.

Our bio-adaptive formula helps give your skin the tools it needs to repair and regenerate, which unlocks elemental skin health for every type, tone and life stage.
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