Beauty brands love to tout their sustainability claims, but the fact of the matter is that all production and consumption have an impact on the people and the planet.

Acknowledging this impact is an important first step to be to see where a brand like ours can improve.

REYN only makes products that don’t exist. Our goal is ultimately to challenge the societal and environmental systems that enable this culture of overconsumption to thrive.

Here’s exactly how we do it:

  • Ingredients are sourced locally, wild-foraged, or procured from traceable, trusted domestic origins. We are working to grow, harvest, and create 75% of our ingredients by 2024.
  • Our business model is intentionally designed to maximize product, packaging, and financial sustainability. One 0.10m pump of Base Serum is all you need to see increased hydration and radiance. With 300 pumps (or 30ml) in each bottle, one purchase can last close to a year, minimizing overall waste⁠.
  • Some skincare ingredients take years to break down once it's washed down the sink and goes back into the environment. REYN's plant-based formulation is completely biodegradable and contains no polymers or pollutants. Any REYN product that is washed down the drain will return to the Earth without harming the soil or any delicate ecosystems.
  • REYN is entirely self-funded and fully stakeholder held so that we can intentionally scale in line with our values and vision.
  • REYN is a registered Social Purpose Corporation. We forward 1% of profit to help the next generation of value-aligned founders launch their own ventures, build wealth and command economic agency.

You can’t have sustainability without transparency, and no brand is perfect. This is where are now, but it’s only the beginning.

At REYN, we believe that we each have an active role to play in the outcomes we want to see in the world. All of these initiatives are a step in the right direction. We can always do better and we’re working toward our goal of 100% plastic-free, recyclable, and minimal waste solutions by 2023.
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