A h i g h e r , s o c i a l p u r p o s e

Women founded

REYN is designed by a diverse team of women and mothers, including a 25-year veteran of clinical esthetics and a PhD in biomedical engineering/nanoscience with two decades of experience in transdermal molecular delivery systems. Together, we are leveraging emerging science, research and trials to formulate products that support your best skin at every stage of life's journey.

Exponential opportunity

REYN is a registered Social Purpose Corporation and a Mother Superior venture partner. We forward 1% of profit to help launch the next generation of value-aligned founders. We intentionally seek out women, BIPOC and queer vendors and contractors, and we pay them. Every member of the core REYN team is an equity stakeholder so that we can rise together.

Self-funded by design

We’re dedicated to growing REYN into its highest potential through sustainable and equitable decisions that best serve our products, customers, team. For now, this means prioritizing intentional growth over speed and scale.