We talk a lot about how healthy skin should always be the goal when it comes to skincare. No one’s skin can truly ever be poreless or wrinkle-free. But what do we mean by healthy skin?

You know it when you see it. Healthy skin looks balanced, moisturized, and maybe even a little shiny. It’s not dehydrated, dull, flaky, or inflamed.⁠

Healthy skin shouldn’t be confused with flawless skin. Most people will always have some level of discoloration and texture because the skin is an operating organ with several important functions.⁠

When it comes to skincare, more isn't always better. Pay attention to what you put on your face and how it makes your skin look and feel. Skincare should not sting, burn, or cause redness.

Functional, healthy skin that does its job of protecting and nourishing your body should always be the goal – regardless of age or skin type.

Designed to functionally improve your skin over time, REYN's Base Serum prioritizes skin health over skincare. It addresses your skin’s unique set of needs at the root level, which helps alleviate symptoms and improves resiliency with continued use.⁠

The result? Vibrant, healthy, and resilient skin at every stage in your life’s journey.

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