Plants and animals are two separate branches of life, but recent scientific advancements are starting to prove that the two are more alike than we previously believed.

In 2006, a group of scientists put forward the argument that plants have a much wider range of capacities than people give them credit for. We know that plants respond to environmental variables like light, water, temperature, soil structure and so forth, but these scientists also pointed out that electrical and chemical signaling systems have been identified in plants which are similar to those found in the nervous systems of animals. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and glutamate have been found in plants, though at the time, their role was unclear.

The scientists argued that plants exhibit intelligence, despite the absence of a brain. Since then, dozens of research papers and articles have been dedicated to exploring the many facets of plant intelligence.

We now know that plants have the ability to communicate with one another and have the ability to share information and resources between organisms. Plants have the ability to learn, make associations between environmental cues, memorize, and adapt in flexible ways. If plants have the ability to “think,””learn,” “grow” and “remember,” what does this mean for the humans who harness this energy and distill it down into, let’s say, a serum?

If we believe that plants are intelligent, and if we believe that our bodies are equally if not more intelligent and skilled at taking plant matter and turning it into things like energy, this could mean your plant-based skincare is more powerful than you think.

At REYN, we take this one step further. Base Serum is powered by plants and supercharged with molecular science. Our patented Intelligent Delivery System that enables functional healing at the cellular level, where the body can maximize its own regenerative powers.

The result? 100% active scientifically validated plant based-formulas that are bursting with plant intelligence. REYN unlocks this knowledge and taps into the skin’s natural healing powers to empower the body to do what it does best — thrive.
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