REYN is designed for a higher purpose. But what does that mean? From end-to-end, REYN was intentionally built from the ground up with the following eco-ethical initiatives in mind.

  • Ingredients are sourced locally, wild foraged, or procured from traceable, trusted sources⁠. We are working to grow, harvest, and bio-engineer 75% of our ingredients by 2024.
  • The business model is intentionally designed to maximize product, package, and financial sustainability. For example, one pump of Base Serum delvers all the regenerative benefits needed to kickstart your body’s natural healing process and see immediate results. With 300 pumps(or 30ml) in each bottle, a single purchase can last close to a year if used once per day.
  • Other formulas can take years to break down once they return to the environment. REYN’s formulations are completely biodegradable and contain no polymers or pollutants. Any REYN product that is washed down the drain will return to the earth without harming the soil or delicate ecosystems.
  • The venture is entirely self-funded and fully stakeholder held so that we can intentionally scale in line with our values and vision.
  • REYN is a registered Social Purpose Corporation forwards 1% of profit to help the next generation of value-aligned founders launch their own ventures, build wealth, and command economic agency.
All of these initiatives are a step in the right direction. We can always do better and are working toward our goal of 100% plastic-free, recyclable, and minimal waste solutions by the end of 2022. What would it take to really do something different? That was the question that carried REYN through more than three years of product development.

We didn’t follow conventional wisdom or practices when it came to ingredient sourcing, formulation, or building our supply chain. In our research, we saw how easy it would be do the same thing as every other brand on the market.

We were ready for a change, and we were willing to do something about it. At every stage, REYN was designed for a higher purpose — just like you.
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